World Without Words

KUCI's Premiere Instrumental Radio Program

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Another fun one, our 4/9 show went over artists starting with D, E, or F as our ABCs of Post-Whatever Stuff project continues! We went through a few other genres like post-hardcore, triphop, and even some IDM thrown in there, so I hope you enjoyed these different tracks than normal. Google em up and find more fantastic things~

Dawn to Come - IV. - Dawn to Come EP

Dumbsaint - She Was His - Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form

Fire Walk With Us - Hands Across the Void - Carriers

Envy - Rain Clouds Running in a Holy Night - Recitation

Euphoria - Quiet Rain - Silence in Everywhere

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud - The Leaden Sky - Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud

Exxasens - Sputnik - Satellites

Form and Fate - It Will Come to Us - The Form and Fate of Lakes

The Evpatoria Report - Optimal Region Selector - Golevka

From Monuments to Masses - Comrades & Friends - The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Steps

Eight Frozen Modules - Trust these Apart - Crumbling and Responding

Emancipator - bury them bones - Safe in the Steep Cliffs

The Echelon Effect - What Makes Us so Uncommon (The Eternal Twilight Remix) - Elements 01

False Awakening - Voyager One - Travel Light, Walk Slow

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - As Long As Forever is (Part I) - The Side of Her Inexhaustible Heart (one)

Endless Melancholy - A Song for the Morning Star - Music for Quiet Mornings

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Sorry for the delay! We’ve got our post-April Fools show when we first decided to start what I’m calling the “ABCs of Post-Whatever Stuff” project. For this inaugural episode, we played artists that started with the letters A, B, or C. Fun stuff! Hope you enjoyed exploring some of these lesser known names with me =]

Bear Baiting - Phrenetic - Bear Baiting EP

Conifer - Turning Sand Into Glass - Conifer

Cyclopian - Eventide Void - Cyclopian

A.Armada - Chin Up On the Black Screen - A.Armada EP

burrrn - coming place - blaze down his way like the space show

Caves of Steel - Last Citizen of the USSR - Troposphere/Magnetosphere

Coma Cloud - Sunrise Finale - Coma Cloud

Crimson Mourn - Kids On the Moon - Bring Your Desires Here

Beware of Safety - Lowercase West - Leaves/Scars

Civil Protection - Alaska - Stolen Fire

Armand Tanzarian - 浪漫的一夜情 - 不说话的男孩

The Best Pessimist - Two Against All - Two Against All (EP)

Cloudkicker - It’s inside me, and I’m inside it - Let Yourself Be Huge

Cryptex - Glitch in the System - Isolated Incidents

Aether - Variance - Artifacts

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Hey all!

Not terribly late in updating this week, surprisingly. Fun show with a good mix of old and new stuff. Great classic bands and newcomers to the show alike! Plenty of them can be found on bandcamp, so give em a quick google and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Hope you enjoyed!

Pelican - Australasia - Australasia

Coldbones - The Hands Between Us - Winter: 2014 ***

Amanita - Phobias - Arduous March ***

Caspian - Long the Desert Mile - Waking Season

onj. - Objects - Opposition

Kalouv - Boa Sorte, Santiago - Piuvero ***

Mono - 16.12 - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined

Martyn Jackson - The People We Used to Be - The People We Used to Be  ***

This Will Destroy You - Killed the Lord, Left for the New World - Tunnel Blanket

The Atlas Room - By Nature I: At a Glacial Pace - Berlin ***

The Digital Connection - The Way I Remember - A Clean Slate ***

Euphoria - Silence in Everywhere - Silence in Everywhere

slicnaton - doppelganger - autoscopy ***

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After a break due to UCI basketball, we returned on 3/19 with a playlist packed with stuff from the great compilation “… as darkness came”. Filled with ambient, drone, soundscape, and generally lovely quieter tunes, I highly recommend the release. Do a google for it and the bandcamp should come up. Nearly all the songs on it are exclusive to the release and can’t be found elsewhere. Hope you enjoyed!

The Frozen Vaults - A Year Without Summer - … and darkness came

Fabrizio Patertini - There’s a light we might see - …and darkness came

Helios - In Everything Was Given - Moiety

Marcus Fischer - Rising Landfall - … as darkness came

Simon Scott - For Betty - … as darkness came

Monolyth & Cobalt + Evo Luthi - Dust Of - … as darkness came

Takahiro Kido - Sweet Silence - … as darkness came

Maps and Diagrams - Lakewood - … as darkness came

riverrun - Maallinen Kuu - … as darkness came

Aria Rostami - Delta - … as darkness came

Marcus Fjellstrom - Blomster - … as darkness came

Kane Ikin - Slipping Away - … as darkness came

Roel Funcken - Trideo Vaperz  - … as darkness came

wndfrm - Gieneden Beach - … as darkness came

SaffronKeira - Endless Agony of Being Sick (Edit) - … as darkness came

Sun Hammer - Incantations (for Sandy) - … as darkness came

A Bleeding Star - As Time Stood Vexingly Still…I decided to Watch the Flood Rise from My Window Sill - … as darkness came

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Here’s our 3/5 show playlist, which was our very special 100th Episode Anniversary show (albeit a couple weeks late. Damn my timing!). I hope you all enjoyed listening to the first World Without Words program playlist, in it’s entirety. For those of you who have stuck around since the beginning, my thanks are plentiful and large. For those who are newcomers, I welcome your listenership and hope you continue to tune in. Thanks so much for helping me make my dream a reality and spreading the love of instrumental postrock, postmetal, ambient, and other experimental genres. All the best,


Russian Circles - Geneva - Geneva

Pelican - Dead Between the Walls - City of Echoes

God is An Astronaut - Zodiac - God is An Astronaut

Maybeshewill - He Films the Clouds Pt. 2 - Not For Want of Trying

Explosions in the Sky - Yasmin the Light - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever 

Moonlit Sailor - Earls Court - A Footprint of Feelings

This Will Destroy You - Threads - This Will Destroy You

Mono - Halcyon (Beautiful Days) - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined

Yndi Halda - Dash and Blast - Enjoy Eternal Bliss

The Evpatoria Report - Taijin Kyofusho - Golevka

Mogwai - May Nothing But Happiness Come - Come On Die Young

Aesthesys - Time is an Illusion - Camera Obscura

Motionless - She Got Lost in the Observatory - EP

Helios - Paper Tiger - Eingya

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Time to play some catch up! Sorry for the delay =[ Been going through a ton of personal life changes, but I’m now back on the horse and taking care of business! Here’s our playlist from 2/26 when we hosted the lovely Archie and Alex, new KUCI DJs =]

Winds with Hands - Eternal Winter - (Untitled)

Moonlit Sailor - Skydiver - We Come From Exploding Stars ***

Arms of Tripoli - 10th Graders Forever - Dream in Tongues ***

The Dandelion War - Drifters - We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes

Dorena - The Morning Bus - About Everything and More

I Am Sonic Rain - Fog Is Drowning Us - Between Whales and Feverish Lights

Moonlit Sailor - Dollar Underwater - We Come From Exploding Stars ***

MONO - A Heart Has Asked For The Pleasure - You Are Three

TOY - Conductor - Join The Dots

Olafur Arnalds - Endalaus II - Two Songs For Dance

East India Youth - Glitter Recession - Total Strife Forever 

Spiritualized - Electric Mainline - Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Olafur Arnalds - Gleypa Okkur - …And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band - Tarna - Zero Time

Nils Frahm - Says - Spaces

Explosions in the Sky - Be Comfortable, Creature - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

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February 19th now, which was our Deep Elm Records night after learning that the label had put their entire discography at Pay-What-You-Please prices. If you want to listen to some amazing post-rock, indie rock, folk rolk, anthem rock, and more, go hit them up at Otherwise, we were sad to see the final Exilym song posted to Youtube, but it’s a beauty, so go take a listen RIGHT NOW. For real. It’s so good. Hope you enjoyed the short program pre-empted by baseball *grumble*, and we’ll see you guys tonight!

Lights & Motion - Home - Reanimation

Athletics - Why Aren’t I Home? - Why Aren’t I Home?

The Appleseed Cast - Steps and Numbers - Low Level Owl, Vol. 1

Moonlit Sailor - Colors in Stereo - Colors in Stereo

Exilym - This Is The End - B-sides ***

Last Lungs - Inglend, Part 3 - Look At That Old Grizzly Bear

Goonies Never Say Die - Nothing Remains Forever Yet The Future Still Holds Hope - No Words To Voice Our Hopes and Fears

Saxon Shore - Four Months of Darkness - Four Months of Darkness

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Time to play catch up again! We’ve got the February 12th playlist here, with a LOT of new stuff. Definitely check out King Llama, linked above, but also watch the video of Wang Wen playing their new song (vimeo or youtube it, I think). I promise you’ll enjoy! And thanks for the cool request song we went out on for the night =]

Morgue of Saints - Necropolis (City of the Dead) - Monolith ***

PlainFire - mercy seat - But When Words Fail ***

Sunlight Ascending - (Summer) The Golden Plane - A Collection of Live Recordings ***

Show Me a Dinosaur - Drawing the Line - Dust ***

Wang Wen - Welcome to Utopia ***

King Llama - Cap’n Mustard Hair - Serving the Multiverse

Poisk - Deliver X - Palindrome ***

Be They Will Become - Such a Cold World - Reminds Me of Everything I Lost

Ghost Bike - Memory Drain - You Don’t Exist

Nev.Era - Sueno - Y.O.2.0 Bonus

French Teen Idol - I Want George Soros - El Siete Es La Luz

Manual - Marbella (Live at the Troubadour) - The Silent Ballet: Vol. 13

Fredricson - Eyeme - The Silent Ballet: Vol. 13

Suuns - 2020 (Instrumental) - Images du Futur

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Sorry for the delay! Here’s our playlist from January 29th, with a buuuunch of stuff new to the program (or special, particularly spectacular requests). Hope you enjoyed! Sorry I missed the week after this one, but the flu had truly consumed me =[ All the best, folks!

Civil Protection - Strike the Match, Light the Fuse - Stolen Fire

Civil Protection - My Memories Will Be Part of the Sky - Stolen Fire

MAGMA WAVES - Ruins of Matsukura Castle - Mitsuki, Hida, 1579

Austin TV - Cisne De Pan - Caballeros de Albedrio

Stavanger - Our Last Day in the Future - Far From Silence, Close to Violence

Maserati - Monoliths - Passages

Get the Blessing - Torque - OC DC

Eluvium - Warm - Nightmare Ending

Sun Glitters - Tight (Blackbird Blackbird Ambient Remix) - Mouth/Tight EP

Sharks Keep Moving - Tied to the Tracks

Mastodon - Quintessence (Instrumental) - Crack the Skye (Royal Edition)

Blurry Lights - Let’s Fly Away - Sounds of Emotions

Amman/Josh - Lukka  - Places

Panoptique Electrical - Some Rooms Become Us - Yes to Fear, Yes to Desire

Port-Royal - HVA (Failed Revolutions) - Dying in Time