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KUCI's Premiere Instrumental Radio Program

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We had to skip the show on 8/27, unfortunately, but we’ve got our playlist from 9/3 for your listening enjoyment/review! I absolutely adored this playlist because I got to play some of the best new music I’ve come across. In this is brand-new Mono coming off of the announcement of their new double-LP album “The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness”, where they are seeking to return to their roots, cutting out the sweeping strings of the full orchestra they had grown accustomed to using in the past two albums.

Additionally, I finally got around to listening to the album “Worlds” by the brilliant mind of Porter Robinson, and I was nothing short of blown away. While not technically instrumental, I couldn’t possibly keep away from playing this stuff. Do your ears a favor and listen to this album on Spotify or whatever service you use. It’s worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did and I’ll catch you soon!

Jupiters - Coming To Terms With The Inevitable And Uncontrollable - North Sea

Hannibal Montana - Fantasy Elbow Ride - Hannibal Montana

Morgue of Saints - Black Smoke Cathedral - Monolith

Miasme - advance.vapour - perpetual.terminal

Hadean - Ataraxia Pt. II - Ataraxia

9M Lied - Dead Dust - 9M Lied

No Respect for Beauty - I Am a Shadow - post-rock instrumental mixtape

Wang Wen - Seasons - 0.7

Baulta - Syncope - post-rock instrumental mixtape

Syahmi Rawl - The Odyssey - The Odyssey

Mono - Kanata - Kanata

*** Mono - Where We Begin - The Last Dawn

Behzad Mehmoosh - Klippstrander - Himlavalvet

gates - In The Morning - The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home

Arbor Lights - Silhouettes - Hatherton Lake

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya - Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Zora - An Eerie Silence - Dusty

TREY FREY - Critical - Trey Frey II

*** Porter Robinson - Sad Machine - Worlds

Robot - Rain At 3AM - Between Earth and The Sky

Pretty Lights - Solamente - Filling Up the City Skies (Disc 1)

Jungle - Busy Earnin’ - Jungle

Krooked Drivers - All Time High - Right Beneath Your Feet

Of The Trees - Hyperflux - Vacationland

Nathanial Noton-Freeman - And There Was LIGHT! - Whorl

Blurry Lights - Cold Night Before the Dawn Part 2 - Cold Night Before the Dawn

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You know what time it is! Time to play some catch up with our playlists haha. This playlist comes to you from the date 8/20/14, where we played host to our second intern, the wonderful DJ Tina. She brought some really pretty tracks, some of which were old favorites of the show and others were totally new from bands we had never heard of. I hope you enjoyed!

Marriages - White Shape - Kitsune

Les Discrets - Song For Mountains - Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees

Benton Falls - Like Portraits On Walls - Guilt Beats Hate

Man Mountain - Lucerna - To Call Each Thing By It’s Right Name

Stavanger - Our Last Day In the Future - Far From Silence, Close To Violence

Solkyri - Court-A - No House

Solkyri - This Can’t Wait! - No House

My Captain My Sea - Marathon (Within us, Strength) - Grow Up or Die Alone

Royal Oak - Side A - let’s not try that again…

Starship Amazing - Can I Lift A Bird? Am I That Strong? - Ultra-Modern Rhythms

Random Forest - The Best of Us - Random Forest

Crooked Colors - Come Down - Sweat It Out

A Light in the Dark - Sunshine - From One Day to Another

Long Distance Calling - Nucleus -The Flood Inside

Maybeshewill - He Films the Clouds Pt 2 - Not for Want of Trying

We - With the Stars as an Audience - With the Stars as an Audience

Signal Hill - Luna Park - More After We’re Gone

Out of Sight - Breathless - Silence Speaks with Words Unspoken

Mogwai - Wizard Motor - Les Revenants

Lowercase Noises - Rushes - Seafront

The End of the Ocean - All that is Will Cease - In Excelsis

Sleepmakeswaves - Something Like Avalanches - And so We Destroyed Everything

Message to Bears - Daylight Goodbye - Folding Leaves

Decoder Ring - Snowflake - Somersault

Mooncake - More Oxygen, I said… - Single

EF - Bells Bleed and Bloom - Ceremonies

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And now we’ve also got the playlist from last week, 8/13/14, where we PREMIERED the new single “Bullet” by LA-based outing Beware of Safety. In an effort to showcase their new stuff (and new direction?) of their next album, “Lotusville”, I’ve been honored by the band to play their releases before they were even available online. As a result, now a week later, you can download this amazing new track for FREE on Bandcamp at the link provided. HIGHLY recommended, it’s really something neat and different from them.

Additionally, we hosted intern New-Wave Dave who played for us some old classics and some enjoyable new tracks too. Hope you enjoyed and catch you soon for more great instrumental tunes.

*** Becoming the Lion - Defiance - Automa

Bear Baiting - The Overlook - Bear Baiting E.P.

Town Portal - Rosini - Vacuum Horror

*** Wess Meets West - Deadlock Arms Live - Live At Riverworks

100 Onces - Cannibals as Leader - 100 One Says

Exilym - Man never went to the moon - B-sides

From Monuments to Masses - Old Robes - The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps

Krobak - And there by the River I lost my Glasses - Little Victories

Caves of Glass - Mariana - Caves of Glass

Ever Forthright - Reflections - Ever Forthright

F.E.L. - Azure Complex - Leben

Charlie Clouser - Don’t Forget the Rules - Saw II Soundtrack

Charlie Clouser - Just Begun - Saw IV Soundtrack

Huey Walker - Reflected Dreams of Blue Travels - Dreamsleaves

*** Beware of Safety - Bullet - Lotusville

Animals As Leaders - Physical Education -  The Joy of Motion

Caspian - Crawlspace - The Four Trees

Allen Baltzer - Miles From Europa - Soundcloud

Pidgeman - Solitude - Soundcloud

Tortoise - Jetty - TNT

God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright - All Is Violent, All Is Bright

Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

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Alright, catch up time! Here’s the playlist from our show on 8/6/14. Plenty of new stuff, both to the program and to the world. Check out the asterisk-marked titles particularly and devour these delicious tunes. Also, the Labrinto and Grace Cathedral Park tracks are GIGANTIC at over 20 minutes each, but worth all of your attention.

Sunken - Patterns of Despondence - Recoil

The Death Tremors - Teledildonics - Death Is Sweeter With You

Goonies Never Say Die - The Scene Where Everyone Dies - In A Forest Without Trees

I am waiting for you last summer - Dreamers’ shelter - Edge Party

Glacier - For the Hour to Reap Has Come - Concave

Labirinto - Masao - Masao

I Hear Sirens - Deception Has a Way With Words - Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky

*** Glories - An Unquiet Mind - Put the Beast Out of Mind

Hugar - Uti - Hugar

*** Bird Sounds - A Mild Dragon - The Engineers of Alma

*** Anoice - The Three-Day Blow - From The Studio

*** Other Mountains - Bread & Circus - Mare’s Nest

*** glaswegians - silicon - glaswegians

*** Alexander DeLarge - Paper Plane (with Alice Goldstein) - Vista Point

Grace Cathedral Park - Latter Day Love Affairs and Everything Else You Would Hope to Forget - In the Evening of Regret

*** I am planet - Adelidae - Silene stenophylia

*** Lu_shush - Reminds Me of You - In Person (EP)

Ghost Bike - You Don’t Exist - You Don’t Exist

Izalith - Failed Rescue - Low EP

Helios - Bless This Morning Year - Eingya

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And since we had a sub for 7/23, we come to last week’s show, 7/30, when we played host to the ever-wonderful Jordan of Leaving Richmond. He came in, shared his words of wisdom, talked life, music, and played a couple tracks acoustically. I’m working to make the gigantic audio file stripped down to the bits with him, so if you’re interested, you will be able to find it on the KUCI website soon. Keep an eye out! I’ll announce it on our Facebook as well ( Thanks for tuning in and I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did! GO DOWNLOAD THE NEW EP! IT’S NAME YOUR PRICE FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO!

Atlas - How Does This Ejector Seat Work - Inertia

Miasme - stray.level - perpetual.terminal

Yoma - To The Fall - Approaching Silence

Barrows - Nebula - Red Giant

417.3 - > - 2

… And the Earth Swarmed With Them - The Fear, The Nausea - You Are Mortal

One Hour Before the Trip - burnt city - #3

Infinity Shred - Wayfinder - Wayfinder (Single)

The Dandelion War - Drifters - We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes

Sleeping Bear - Gleba - Sleeping Bear

My Brother, My Captain, My King - Columbarium Lighthouse - SPLIT EP

Stars As Lights - Ground Shook Beneath Our Feet - As If Time Had Stopped

Kawai Kenji - Monogatari - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Soundtrack

CloZee - Earth to Nothingness - The Poetic Assassin

Force of Nature - Vagrancy - Samurai Champloo Music Record Katana

Childs - … - Yui

Childs - Post:Seele - Yui

*** Leaving Richmond - All the Things We Ever Here - An Elusive Glow

*** Leaving Richmond - Reach Out For A Moment, For Eternity - An Elusive Glow

*** Leaving Richmond - If I Believe In You, Will You Promise to Exist? - An Elusive Glow

*** Leaving Richmond - Mechanized Reverie - An Elusive Glow

*** Leaving Richmond - With Your Own 2 Hands - An Elusive Glow

*** Leaving Richmond - An Elusive Glow - An Elusive Glow

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FINALLY, we get to updating the site playlists. My sincerest apologies for this wait. I’m a terrible person sometimes =[ Here’s the playlist from 7/15/14, including the new song by Japanese post-rock band te’

The Shaking Sensations - Anchors - Start Stop Worrying 

Sey Hollo - World Trade Center - Growth

One For Apocalypse - Resurge el vertigo desmedido - EL ALMA NEGRA

Giza - Molecular Tsunami - I am the ocean, I am the sea

Signals to Vega - The Light Between Us - Into the Arms of Infinity

After Osmosis - Strange Byrd - After Osmosis EP

9M Lied - Dolphins vs. Penguins - 9M Lied

*** te’ - 思想も共感もいらず、ただ幻聴を誘発する『起因』としての音楽。- Youtube

Mannequin Republic - Our time is over - Qu’allons-nous faire si loin d’ici Vol. 1

*** Okkur - Sparkles of White Light - Whispering Mountain

Winds With Hands - Always the Same - (Untitled)

*** Hadean - Ataraxia Pt. 1 - Ataraxia

Moonlit Sailor - The Golden Years - We Come From Exploding Stars

*** The Southern Sun - Hailey - The Tarnish from Men’s Souls

Pytra Oyster - Samadhi (tin-o-ni-no) - Pytra Oyster

Arbor Lights - Interstellar - Hatherton Lake

People Is Afraid - Runa - Eloviivat

People Is Afraid - Sleepy Time - Eloviivat

Sky Flying By - Not Everything Has to Be a Struggle - Elements 02

Short Hair Ideals - Red - Winterbird

Selfmademusic - The Ballad of Alimos The Organ Borrower - Body

The Nikki Grace Experience - svort jakkafot - a()anda partur 2

Snowmobile - Kelly Kapowski - Empty Rooms

Qualia - Sleep - Ecliptic

Stars as Lights - Sleep. Forgive. Live. - As If Time Had Stopped

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Alright, and here’s our really grand (in my humble opinion, haha) playlist from last week, 7/9/14! As always, let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or requests. We’ve got another great one lined up for you tomorrow, so keep your eyes and ears out for it! Take it easy, folks.

When the Light Dies - Emperor - EP

Monsters of the Antipodes - Battle Ballet - Houses

KING LLAMA - Call Me Elmo - Serving the Multiverse

Pelican - Immutable Dusk - Forever Becoming

Show Me a Dinosaur - Values - Dust

Toe - Run For Word - The Future Is Now EP

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Hearts & Consequence - Small Changes We Hardly Notice

Sunlight Ascending - (Summer) The Golden Plane - A Collection of Live Recordings

Robot - Besides - Between Earth and the Sky

Lights & Motion - Snow - Save Your Heart

Stars As Lights - As We Talk, The Universe Slowly Spins - As If Time Had Stopped

*** Beware of Safety - Wash Ashore in Pieces - Lotusville

No Respect For Beauty - I Am a Shadow - post-rock instrumental mixtape

wang wen - 污水塘 Polluted Pool - IV

Undogmatic - Technological Barbarism - InDUBstrial

Phantom Mistress - They Have No Future - Dreams of Laura

SIIRO - Katana Squad Reppin’ - Samurai Libruh

Shriekin’ Specialist - Makes Sense - Assorted Gs, Vol. 1

The Field - The Little Heart Beats So Fast - From Here We Go Sublime

Trey Frey - Brown Eyes - Trey Frey II

Cousin Silas - The Falling Curtain - Elements 01

Ruined Machines - Envy - The Moon

Ruined Machines - Act II ~ 5:50 Test Transmissions - The Moon 

Zora - Trailing Behind - Dusty

orbit over luna - Asahi (morning sun) - Elements 02

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Hey all!

Time to play some catchup =] Here’s our playlist from 7/2, our unofficial ‘MERICA playlist. Hope you enjoyed! We have a lot of cool, exciting things planned for you guys in the coming future, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to hit up our Facebook page at See you around!

And So I Watch You From Afar - If It Ain’t Broke… Break It - And So I Watch You From Afar

*** Pray For Sound - Decayer - Dreamer

Envy - Light and Solitude - Recitation

Envy - Incomplete - Recitation

Maybeshewill - Not For Want of Trying - Not For Want of Trying

Maybeshewill - Takotsubo - Not For Want of Trying

Gifts From Enola - City Lights Scraped the Sky - Loyal Eyes Betrayed the Mind

The Evpatoria Report - Cosmic Call - Golevka

Icaro - Munich - Icaro EP

Grace Cathedral Park - Settling for the Broken in the Things Never Forgotten - In the Evening of Regret

Immanu El - While I’m Reaching For You - In Passage

Mono - Ashes in the Snow - Hymn to the Immortal Wind

Gamardah Fungus - Actus Fidei - Night Walk With Me

Poisk - Bowhead - Apparitions

My Cat’s a Stargazer - Night Kites - Elements 1

The Sound of Rescue - Anonymous - Elements 1

Blue Skies and Paign - Architecture in Leningrad - Elements 1

Nobuto Suda - I Offer These Without Any Sense of Loss - Elements 1

Emancipator - Kamakura - Safe in the Steep Cliffs

Emancipator - Nevergreen - Safe in the Steep Cliffs

Akira Yamaoka - Musicbox - Silent Hill 2 Complete Soundtrack

Video Games Live - Silent Hill 2: Theme of Laura - LEVEL 3

Akira Yamaoka - Life (Unreleased) - Silent Hill 3 Special Mini Soundtrack

Akira Yamaoka - Room of Angel - Silent Hill 4 Original Soundtrack

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Hey all! Here’s the playlist from last week, 6/25. We had our first full 3-hour program and ran through the gamut of big names and lesser. We hit some cool different genres we don’t always touch on, like the track by Psymbionic and the request (which was superb, thanks Hobart!) by Hafez Nazeri. Definitely recommend checking them out if you get the chance. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Giza - Drawing Tar - I am the ocean, I am the sea

Pelican - March Into the Sea - March Into the Sea

Russian Circles - Melee - Geneva

Kafabindunya - Binlerce Ozur - Kafabindunya

Fura - Cornia - Fura

If These Trees Could Talk - The Death of Paradigm - If These Trees Could Talk

Crimson Mourn - Underneath This Sea of Broken Stars (To Sail Across) - Bring Your Desires Here

Ana Never - No Words Left - Live For the Very First Time (Live in Mini Club, Subotica, 2-24-2004)

Jet Plane - Rose - All the Static Stars

Glorie - Water Drops - Glorie

Goshawk - Mundus Vult De Cipi - EP 2011

*** Athletics - III (Find Yourself) - Who You Are Is Not Enough

Goonies Never Say Die - Get All Your Ducks In a Row - In A Forest Without Trees

God is an Astronaut - Beyond the Dying Light - Far From Refuge

Good Weather For An Airstrike - Two Miles of Uncertainty - A Sense of Uncertainty

*** Hafez Nazeri - Dark Matter - Rumi Symphony Project: Untold

Expanding Sponge - Save Often - Along Songs And

Cryptex - Glitch in the System - Isolated Incidents

*** Psymbionic - Silkscreen ft. Soulular - Parallels (Part 2: Eye)

Bonobo - 1099 - Black Sands

Curacy - Shaoyin - Meridian EP

Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Walker - Sunset Mission

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Now we reach the end of the “ABCs of Post-Whatever Stuff Project”, bringing up the finale, 6/18/14, with a bunch of W-artists. I wasn’t able to find too many Y or Z artists, so instead I included a number-based artist (65daysofstatic). I hope you enjoyed this entire project! I certainly had fun crafting the playlists for you folks, but I am very glad to return to the wonderful freedom of playing anything and everything instrumental, post-rock, post-metal, math-rock, ambient, neoclassical, experimental, shoegazey. Hope you can tune in more for the future of the World Without Words!

Wess Meets West - The Mountains Are Shaking At Their Roots - Chevaliers

Willow - Wyoming - Roanoke EP

When The Clouds - Flooding River - The Longed For Season

Wilderness Act - I Felt Cold, We All Felt Cold - Wilderness Act EP

Years of Rice and Salt - Nothing of Cities - Nothing of Cities

Worrytrain - Cambodia (piano duet) - Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom

65daysofstatic - Guitar Cascades - Heavy Sky EP

Wes Willenbring - Sometimes - Somewhere Someone Else